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What is this alert?

This alert is to notify you that Microsoft has released Security Advisory 943411 - Update to Improve Windows Sidebar Protection - on 08 January 2008.


Microsoft Security Advisory 943411 was released today to announce the availability of and to clarify the purpose of an update for Windows Sidebar. The update is available for currently supported editions of the Windows Vista operating system.

The update to improve Windows Sidebar Protection enables Windows Sidebar to help block gadgets from running in Sidebar. For more information about installing this update and about how Windows Sidebar Protection helps block installed gadgets from running in Windows Sidebar, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 943411<>.


Review Microsoft Security Advisory 943411<> for an overview of the issue, suggested actions, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and links to additional resources.

Additional Resources:

* The MSDN document, Inspect Your Gadget - - outlines best practices for secure programming that should be followed when building gadgets.

* The MSDN document, Gadgets for Windows Sidebar Security - - contains information about the security model of the Windows Sidebar.

* The document, Six safety tips for using gadgets with Windows Vista - - provides guidance on downloading and using gadgets safely.

* Microsoft Security Advisory 943411 - Update to Improve Windows Sidebar Protection -

* Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 943411 - Security Advisory 943411 Update to Improve Windows Sidebar Protection -

* MSRC Blog:
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